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Uni-Tec Power Guard

Uni-tec Power Guards protect all electronic circuits from power line transients, spikes of very short duration (of 1 milli sec to 100 micro secs) caused by lightening striking the power line and ON/OFF switching of electrical/ electronic appliances. Uni-tec Power Guard absorbs all such spike, surges & transients. It also eliminates RFI/EMI noises on your power line. Three Color LED Site Monitor provides visual indication of  your site. It will guide you for the correctness of the site wiring.

• Input Voltage 

230 V, 50/60 Hz

• Max. Current capacity 5 A
• Pick Spike Currents(8/20ms) 600 A
• Clamping Voltage at 1mA 360 V
• Line filter Type RL,LC 50 db
• EMI / RFI Suppression 40 db
• Fuse Rating

5 A

• Model  5x5/1x15A, 6x5A,4x5A


Spike, Surge, Transient Suppressor Three Color LED site monitor Noise Filter EMI / RFI Filter
• Computers, 


• Fax Medical equipments
• TV & VCRs     Audio Equipments

Laboratory and other electronic equ pments.  

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