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Uni-Tec Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) System

Solar P V system consisting of a Solar Photovoltaic Panel with charge controller & inverter and battery. Solar P v Panel absorbs the solar energy converting them to electricity which is stored in the Batteries. A small charger controller controls the functions of the P V system, It regulates the battery charging and discharging. The Inverter converts the D C energy stored in the Battery into AC Power which is given to lighting fixtures – Lantern, street lights, Indoor lights or Area lights. The stand alone system is designed to operate for at least 2 to 5 consecutive days without sunlight.


• A cost effective solution for outdoor and indoor    lighting
• Unsurpassed durability
• Will light even on cloudy days
• Easy to install
• Environmental friendly
• No electricity bills



• Area lighting – any Dark spot – rural, farms or      storage facility.
• Park Lighting
• Street lighting
• Indoor lighting

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